Nutritional content and benefits of strawberries

1 Jul 2016

Strawberries are one of the fruits that are very famous in the world. This fruit has a characteristic red color of the fruit is coupled with a distinctive aroma and taste. Strawberry fruit can be consumed directly or processed first into some other form of processed like ice cream, sweet, juice, and lots more. The taste is slightly sour and sweet fruit make this one much-loved for consumption.

In addition to taste good, strawberry fruit contains many nutrients that are good for health. Because in yerkandung strawberry fruit vitamin C is very good, as well as the content of flavanoids in it. Besides the fruit is also low in saturated fat, sodium, cholesterol, contain fisetin, as well as natural antioxidants is high. Well then what are the benefits possessed of strawberries has the physical characteristics red color? To find out see review below!

Here Nutritional content and benefits of strawberries

Content of Antioxidants

Strawberries contain chemical compounds called phenols. Antosiani is one kind of phenols contained in strawberries, which makes this one fruit has a red color. This anthocyanin content can help in increasing the levels of uric acid in the body, the role of antioxidants. As we know that free radicals in the air can cause dangerous diseases one of which is cancer. To counteract free radicals, then you can try to eat foods that contain antioxidants one of them is strawberries.

As an Anti-Inflammatory

Benefits of strawberries next is as an anti-inflammatory. This is because strawberries contain compounds called phenols. The content is essential for the helps fight inflammatory disorders. Moreover thanks to the vitamin C content is high enough to make this one fruit is very good for improving the immune system of the body and good for digestive health to the body.

Helps Skin Health

The next benefit of strawberries is to help the health of the skin. As in the above explanation that this one fruit contains vitamin C is high enough. Thanks to the vitamin content makes strawberry fruit is very nutritious to help the health of the skin. Besides the content of vitamin C acts as an antioxidant that helps prevent premature aging. Well to get healthy skin, you can try to eat strawberries.

helping Diet

Benefits of strawberries next is to assist in the diet. Overweight certainly be one thing that can make a person feel less confident. This is because in a cup of strawberries is more or less contained about 255 grams that can assist in meeting more than 13 percent of daily fiber required by the body. The fiber content contained in strawberries can help you to feel full longer and can assist in lowering blood pressure.

Helping Eye Health

Benefits of strawberries last in this discussion is to help the health of the eye. This is because according to a study to be that three strawberries atay be consumed each day can help in lowering the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts that are directly related to age.

Thus the earlier discussion about some of the benefits are possessed of strawberries that you can know. There are many other benefits of strawberries are rich in antioxidants.


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