How to Prevent Bad Breath When Fasting

30 Jun 2016

Fasting does have many benefits for health. Fasting has become something that must be performed for Muslims all over the world. But when fasting there is one thing that should be attention to the problem of bad breath. Bad breath can reduce confidence in someone because it can disturb people to be around. Bad breath can actually be caused by various factors such as the bacteria found in the oral cavity.

The bacteria can destroy food waste into a gas that has a less savory aroma. EDAP kurangs breath can also come from a poor level of cleanliness in the mouth such as the case of food, certain beverages, smoking, until the drugs. Well on this occasion will try to discuss about some ways to prevent bad breath when fasting. Immediately to know refer to his review below!

Here’s How to Prevent Bad Breath When Fasting

Brushing Teeth Regularly

The first way to prevent bad breath when fasting is to maximize maintain oral hygiene. To maintain oral hygiene, you can get used to brushing regularly. By the time you are fasting, you can brush your teeth twice a day ie after dawn or before pre-dawn prayers as well as at night before bed. With enough toothbrushes can help maintain oral hygiene and eliminate food residue left behind.

Cleaning the tongue

How to prevent bad breath when the next fasting is to clean the tongue. The tongue is one of the nests of bacteria in the mouth. Therefore it is better for you do not forget to clean your tongue when you brush your teeth. To clean the tongue, you can use a toothbrush that has soft surfaces. Rub the surface of saliva slowly to clean the plaque and bacteria that might be stuck on your tongue while after a meal and after breaking.

Using Liquid Cleaner Mouth

How to prevent bad breath next in fasting is to use a liquid cleaner mouth. For it is also very telling to help overcome bad breath during fasting. You can use a liquid cleaner mouth or mouthwash after brushing your teeth at the time after a meal and break the fast in order to help fight bacteria and make your mouth becomes more fresh.

Drink Lots of Water

At the time of dawn and breaking it helps you meet the needs of your body fluids by drinking lots of water. At least a day to drink 8 glasses of water. Because drinking water has many benefits for health as it helps to overcome the smell of the mouth up to help overcome the dehydration of the body when you’re fasting. For that inadequate drinking water at the time of dawn and breaking.
Avoid Certain Foods-Food

In addition to running the ways above, you can also avoid eating a particular food can cause bad breath when you are fasting. There khusu foods or ingredients that can cause bad breath become less pleasant. As these foods include banana, jengkol, as well as spicy foods can cause your mouth dry.

Thus was some way to overcome the problem of bad breath when you’re fasting. For other ways that you can do is to consume food sources of fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of nutrients.


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